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Challenges, 42 of them by 42.

In no particular order:

Vegan week challenge ✓

Proper surfer by 42 - ongoing

Pull ups (10 consecutive but aim to beat 12!) ✓

Wild camping ✓

Wild camping with Foo ✓

Paddleboard - do a 20s headstand on a SUP ✓

Buying a van ✓

A week of only cold showers ✓

Be able to walk on my hands (10 step) - practice when can

Row from Newton Ferrers to Penberth (or vv) ✓

Bike J O'G to Land's End

Surfing and skiing in Morocco - part of completing Op SNOWSTORM

Northern lights, Arctic Circle

Bike the South Downs way (100mi)

Emotional integrity - ongoing

Do jumps on a Mountain bike ✓

Swim Cellars to the Mewstone (1.76mi) ✓

Swim around Burgh Island (1.5mi) 

Be able to properly powder ski

Learn to do Basic coding

Start a blog ✓

Write and illustrate a book

Plastic free week ✓

A week of no fossil fuel transport

Cycle with Foo to school ✓

Cycle to work ✓

No social media fortnight

Wild camp on Ped'n'v ✓

6 months No new stuff - started

No alcohol Month (and the sugar free again) ✓

Run a fermenting course

Do a survival course

Visit Japan and Snowboard - part of completing Op SNOWSTORM

Read a book in a different language

Volunteer to do an assembly (done 5 now!) ✓

1 month of not complaining ✓

1 fortnight caffeine free ✓

Trip to California solo ✓

1 month no swearing ✓

Wild camping with Doodle

Volunteer 10 times I normally wouldn't (or do things I've put off forever) - started

London to Brighton Bike ride (54 miles)

Op Snowstorm was a round the world trip where I was going to snowboard on every continent,  I had planned it whilst in Afghanistan for when I had left the Army, but my darling husband proposed and the trip got adapted somewhat, he came with and we still managed snowboarding in New Zealand and South America, but left those two hanging...

I seem to now naturally do new challenges all the time, I think it has just become my mindset, and it seems that when challenges come up that I do not, or would not choose (Hurty-Coccyx-itus for example) then I am dealing with them so much more resiliently!


I've currently completed 21,  about 5 others are underway.

Inspiration and support from (amongst others) ResilienceatWork, Toughgirlpodcast, ChrissieW, RachelD, Barty, LSH, Carruthers, my team and my lovely family.

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