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Being a generous frugalist?

I feel that we cannot move forward into a world where we feel utterly compelled to waste only the irreducible minimum until these words of frugal and generous are known/believed to be compatible.

My take:

Generosity is a love of giving

Frugality is hating being wasteful*

Giving kind words, time, meals, a listening ear, cared for secondhand goods, reconditioned items, treasured vintage, homemade creations... etc must start to be seen to be as special as shop bought items before the squandering of precious resources truly stops.

I give both, sometimes one is more appropriate than the other, but they are equal. I loathe the creation of waste, but love giving.

* Waste - you can literally waste anything, time, money, food, yourself, friendships, compostable items ha ha...

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