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CittoC Part II

So Challenges in the time of Corona needs a post script.

Visit Japan and Snowboard

Northern lights, Arctic Circle

Surfing and skiing in Morocco

Be able to properly powder ski

These amazing items on my list are no longer appropriate; challenges that are fundamentally financial to create success are off, and are the very epitome of privelege. I have a high level of certainty that without the current situation I could have forced the top three to happen within the time frame, but seriously powder skiing, beyond lucky to get snow let alone sweet pow, that scenario is in the hands of the gods not the hands of a tired teacher. But even before this lockdown was looming, I was changing what I wanted the end state of my challenge to look like. I still utterly desire them and will be thrilled if I get to tick them off, but not everything needs squeezing into a tiny section of time, god forbid I die at the age my Dad did (honestly not a morbid fixation with death, more a realisation of how precious this one glorious life is) I still have 14 years post 42 to hopefully experience a diverse set of activities.

I am now officially allowed up until being 42 and 364 days to finish, I think that's fair?

  • 6km swim of the Adur replaced Morocco (seriously such a naff statement).

  • The Bantham Swoosh will replace the Arctic Circle...

  • A 70.3 Half Ironman replaces Japan.

  • Being able to wheelie on bike replaces properly powder skiing. Who says what is proper anyhow? I have joyfully skiied in powder, just perhaps not like a 80's neon Swayzee.

  • Online video instructions of fermenting replaced the big in-house session (although I have done numerous one-on-ones in the past).

Basically things that are hard, rewarding AND that are achievable right here in beautiful bonkers Britain.

If serendipity allows me those other things I will rejoice. Jesus, have I just committed to doing a half Ironman?

pps. I have actually completed 2/3 of my list; it feels like its just the hardest ones left...

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