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Leg Godt (play well in Danish)

Updated: May 10, 2020

Oh we do. We play really well. We play and play, and we learn and laugh.

There are so many blog posts I want to write, but today, right now, all stops for Lego. I loved it as a child, and as a teen I still was seeking lego (yes I was a very late developer) and now I enjoy it all over again, albeit my son's collection already far exceeds what I ever had despite me really carefully editing what gains access to our home.

By far our favourite lego set was the big box of random we got from Gumtree or similar, we mine and pan it for treasure, we create and build whatever the bricks suggest. My son's think they prefer the sets; but the way elderer sings when he is searching and building from his own blueprint is magic. Youngerer is entranced with any possibility. Our amazing Danish Au Pair sometimes enjoys it more than they which is a big shout. Elderer cannot believe when she says she didn't play with it as a child... "but you're from Denmark?" he says with incredulity, "how could you not have had lego?"

I'm not going to say much more, although for a few more lines I will rhapsodise on the perfection of its geometry. It really is a masterclass in spatial joy. Every dimension provides a portal to a new dimension of building. The outside of a hand, the ratio of a bobble (stud), the base of a deep and broad brick offers much potential, how the depth of a shallow piece fits between the valley between the studs. I could go on... but its almost 10pm and I've just satiated my geek by watching"Current Wars" and wishing upon wishing that dear Nikolai Tesla could have had a happier end to his life, and the US adopted a 230V grid. Read "The Oatmeal's" comic ode to the man T to find extra reasons on why he was perhaps the greatest mind yet, I'm not hyperlinking, use your search engine.

Tomorrow we are filming lego trains flying into the abyss, and recently lit birthday cake was delivered to each eater by track and bluetooth... I've been told that's what the celebration committee want for my imminent birthday too, so if movement restrictions are lifted it will travel with us to Devon for half term.

Sov godt!

Lit cake arriving by train, space shuttle with satellite in payload, a 'brick-suspector', ...

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