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Mutti's 'Camargue' Tomato Salad

Updated: May 10, 2020

I used to make this just a few tomatoes at a time, if the meal/supplies lined up, until

a month ago when we suddenly had a glut of big tomatoes, and now I can't imagine being without a constant supply... follow the link (belower) for the instructional vid.

... but before you do, Nimbo shared this poem with me to commemorate us gorging on glorious heirloom tomatoes during her surprise visit to me in California.

The Tomato Salad’, by Emily Berry

was breathtaking. Sometime in the late 1990s

the Californian sun ripened a crop of tomatoes

to such a pitch you could hear them screaming.

Did I mention this was in California? There was

corn on the cob. She was English and her heart

almost stopped when her aunt served her a bowl

of red and yellow tomatoes so spectacular she would

never get over them. I can only imagine the perfectly

suspended seeds, the things a cut tomato knows

about light, or in what fresh voice of sweet and tart

those tomatoes spoke when they told my dearest

friend, ‘Yosçi yosçi lom boca sá tutty foo twa

tamata,’ in the language of all sun-ripened fruits.

(for Lois Lee) Wix not letting me edit my hyperlink, uberannoying!

Ps. You'll need big tomatoes, garlic, lemons, olive oil, salt and pepper.

So, my other video for making sauerkraut I made backalong was too long to upload in the blog so I popped that elsewhere, before I realised I'd have to make a YouTueb channel anyhow, I then made this one short enough... but dang, this software apparently doesn't support movies made with Pomme products! To find that follow this link...

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