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Starting somewhere.

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

How do you start, where does that impetus to begin something come from?  We have so many ideas in our minds that jostle and hide, expand and shrink. Catch the right one while you can.

Today I am starting one of my 42 challenges, writing my blog.  This has been on my horizon for some time, but it needed far more readying than just the day I contemplated sharing my thoughts online.

There is no burning desire to have my words read by the great wide world, and that certainly isn't the purpose of this challenge, more the creative process and just knowing I have made one. Perhaps I might never share the link, I may just secretively amass a whole website of my own private words to bounce around, and just knowing that someone somehow might chance upon these phrases by the wonder of algorithms and search engines.  But first, how would I do it, and then a host of so many more decisions to make; a website, but with which domain provider, how long to pay for, insurance, privacy and security options, what to name it, which website maker... Just a few of the many rabbit holes to drop down and lose my momentum.

I am 39, I have always been a fairly adventurous intrepid headstrong type, but recently felt like I had become an eroded or diminished version of myself.  And then emerging came ideas to reclaim me.  I'm also trying to work out why I am me, how much I am a product of nature or nurture, how much I have benefitted from my extraordinary privilege of being born to white western proactive liberal loving parents.  But then how much is my doing, and where do my own efforts allow me to feel proud of my own achievements.

I have written a long list of challenges I want to do, I have whittled and researched, and despite my obvious privilege, during the brainstorming I have begun to write down many of the challenges I already feel like I have dealt with, that have galvanised me to realise perhaps I can achieve nearly anything I put my mind to.  I'm not ready to share that deeply personal list yet though.

I thought about 40 new challenges before 40, but actually that seemed a rather big ask considering I have 2 children, a dog, job and husband etc.  Add two challenges and 2 more years to do them... bingo, and I did like reading "the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" so some resonance there.

An early phase of brainstorming... (this brain loves a spreadsheet)

So my list contains all sorts of challenges, some gigantic and some not so, some I could do tomorrow (what is stopping me?) and some will require significant preparation, logistics and training. A friend saw a post I'd put up about one of my challenges and she wondered why they were all so difficult.  Now, I do try everyday to ensure life is fun and joyful, it's important that we attempt to live our best lives now, but I also need to be challenged on my personal curriculum.  I've realised my happiest moments are those lost to creativity, developing new skills and deepening relationships. Some challenges may be unachievable, trying them will all be worthwhile but they must all be challenging, that's the point!

My hope is I complete them all; will some get added and some be removed in the next 2.5 years? I thoroughly expect so, as I wouldn't want to waste precious time on challenges that may have morphed or faded into easiness.  However some are non-negotiable, they must be attempted as I have currently planned.  I have found it fairly difficult to choose 42 totally diverse ones that inspire me; some are very physical, some very mentally demanding, and some will test me amongst other ways emotionally, logistically and financially.  If you were to read my list you might think too many are swim or bike based, but each challenge may get it's own post and it then it'll make more sense. Hey, of course your list will be different, and I'll attempt to make mine succint enough to post before too long.

So, Peer Possible has been born and a future post will explain the conception of this.  So I have started, I just have to hope it's not too long before I build my website and post this, the number I add below will be the number of weeks it has taken me.

(Just one day!)

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