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XX XY politics in telly-drama

I am throwing tuppence into the bursting cauldron.

I had a epiphany when cycling. It may be that some actually do this already, but in a discussion about Silent Witness it was pointed out that yet again lots of prominent roles taken by females.

Which on one hand has me rejoicing, but... still seeking more authentic future representation.

We can either mirror reality (whatever that is), portray what is possible, or just consider plausible probability.

How about that for every single role their gender is decided by a coin*. And not on an alternating sequence ie last time the DI was female so next time male, or any tallying or quota re-levelling. Simple statistical probability in the now.

I really watch very little TV so perhaps SW is not representative of most prime time outputI

(*Exceptions and caveats - Birthmothers are woman, and fathers (or sperm providers, we ought be realistic that 'donations' are not always by choice especially on a crime drama) are men. if that sounds far too controversial a random number generator with the feasible likelihood of a one-to-other transitioned parent with still functioning initial reproductive organs being fed into the random gender generator. RGG ran-gend-erator)

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