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This will be a page about how I think about sustainability, recycling etc, it is closely linked to 'enough stuff'.



Have you ever really thought about the amazingness of nature to cycle, whether it be the water, carbon, nitrogen cycle or this one that is how we are alive.  Respiration is a job every cell needs to do to stay alive. Oxygen and Glucose are turned into Carbon Dioxide and Water, which is Exothermic so Energy is given out as the large molecules are broken.  Then Photosynthesis is when green leaves in the presence of light turn Carbon Dioxide and Water into Glucose and Oxygen in an Endothermic process that binds the energy from the sun into the glucose bonds.  It is a truly marvellous situation that loops continuously, where one's waste is the next's needs.

We humans have in the main lost sight of the ability/need to see how to loop our leftovers.

Draft draft draft

Recycling is the LAST stage







Inspiration from, S&AVorn, JKiss, Nimbo and real humans online that I haven't met such as LSeigle, LFirth,

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