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Peer Possible

Inspiration and collaberation

PeerPossible is about getting inspired by others, seeing and learning about them; how they were able to succeed, what obstacles they overcame, then using this insight to help reach your own goals or to complete challenges.  It could be learning to live sustainably, changing the way you eat, gaining new skills, perhaps taking on a physical, emotional or academic challenge, or planning adventures large and small.  There are few limits to what can be achieved with inspiration, determination and support.

The phrase 'peer-possible' just popped out one day in 'blue park', Walnut Creek.  Rachel and I realised our sons were both achieving great skill leaps on their bikes by just having fun, the time, and opportunity to do new things.  That day there was no pressure on them to improve, (I think we were both too busy just keeping the tiniest people occupied), it was just them being able to see possibilities.  I then started to use it more and more frequently and was surprised that in the many billions of word combinations out there on the inter web no one was using it, so I thought I might as well....

 So, getting started:... some suggestions:

1. Figure out what is it you want to do/change/experience/learn?

2. Find and surround yourself with positive media about your chosen idea... podcasts, blogs etc

3 Find supportive peers, through friends, local clubs, online groups.

4. Work out a personal target, yours... not anyone else's!

5. Commit it to paper, spreadsheet, spider-gram, something...

6. Tell people who are open minded, positive and interested.

7. Plan your journey from here to there, I doubt that it will be a straight line!

8. Tell anyone, seek advice, don't be afraid to adapt your goals or allow evolution!



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