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More or less...

I used to accumulate, not much by many peoples standards but far more than is sustainable to tread lightly on this planet.  I take great joy in beautiful things and had been gradually manipulated by the advertisers and such like into thinking more is better, that physical things are always necessary, and that memories are fragile without material prompts, but gradually I realised how untrue that is, and so the down sizing and decluttering began.  Such a long process when old conditioning regrips you, when others can seem determined to fill your spaces, when everything comes with something free and when darling children often present barely drawn on pieces of paper that seem impossible to discard... but every time I find the impetus to move through the next layer of the onion I feel a great lightness and surge of optimism and creativity, but these ingrained pressures are hard to resist!  I still keep working on this, but its worth the effort, my personal space is too special to be overrun by materialism!

This isn't about a goal of having nothing, or not replacing items, but having what I need, but not much more.  Recirculating anything that isn't being appreciated by me, but would be of benefit others.  I still love beautiful things but the plan is the items are used, it is out, it is not saved for best, our best is now, nothing else is certain.

I have definitely found that with less stuff I have more time, energy, purpose, space for creativity..

My influencers Dol-S, CRh, NourishingMinimalism, SimpleFamilies, KonMarie, the Minimalists

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